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What are Labels? Labels are written or printed information about a product as defined by wikipedia. The stronger the product’s label the more appealing it becomes to the public and vice versa. It takes time before you can build a positive label for a product in the market, and there are numerous factors on which it can be affected.

Almost everyone wants to buy products with good labels that can deliver what it promises, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, today quality comes with a price so sometimes it is inevitable to cast off some of our hard earned money to get the things that we need.

The problem arises when a person’s need becomes a want and then they identify with the label of the material that he has. In our society today wearing designer clothes is synonymous to success, having a car instead of a super-car means you are one word away (super) from happiness. Don’t even get me started on gadgets and houses.

It is very alarming that this type of thinking is growing at a very alarming rate. We are now in a society where the things we have becomes who we are. Advertisements has engraved in us envy, jealousy and insatiable hunger for more.

The result is that we are now becoming conspicuous consumers; we spend money to buy luxury goods and services to publicly display economic power.

We are chasing acceptance through our possession that only results in stress, anxiety and problems. It would be really beneficial physiologically and psychologically if we would slow down, and consider carefully the things that we are going to buy. Is it really what we need? Or do we just want to feed the bottomless void, that we think we can fill through the labels and materials we buy that is built on illusion.

I hope that in the future the basis of a person’s worth would be on the things that he did, not the things that he had.

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