Waste Is Wasting Your Life


According to National Geographic an average person produces 1,600 pounds of trash per year, and in our whole lifespan we can be able to produce at around 48 metric tons of trash; It is equivalent to the weight of 24 cars combined. What is more interesting is that there are 7.4 billion people on earth and if you multiply it altogether we can produce at around 355 billion tons of trash in our lifetime. It is not a pretty picture isn’t it?

The biggest question for me is how would we be able to sustain life here on earth for the following decades to come? Our waste management trend is far from manageable and we are the only ones who can stop the madness so that we can still make this Earth livable for our children’s children.

As of now the most widespread campaign to fight waste is the “Three R’s  of the Environment” which is namely reuse, reduce, recycle. However, in my opinion the process of the three R’s will only lead to continuous waste creation, because we are not really tackling the cause of the problem but only the consequence. Unless we find a way to stop the start of the creation of waste only then we could create a better way to preserve the planet that we live in.

How can we stop creating waste? The simplest way is by consuming what is only necessary because waste comes from our excess – the excess in all the things that we use.

Like it or not we are slowly killing our planet and it is our responsibility as stewards to create an environment that can sustain every living being without the creation of the “too much” that is killing us slowly but surely.

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