War: The Struggle for More


“If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough.” – Vicki Robin

This morning when I opened my facebook page I stumbled upon a video from CNN, which features a 5 year-old child who happens to be a war victim. The innocent boy was covered in blood, dust and fear; I was at loss for words on how to describe all of the thoughts and feelings that could be running inside his head. I feel bad for the child; Instead of him playing around with his friends, he is being taken to the hospital to heal his injuries. However, it is not his physical wounds that concern me; it is the emotional ones which concerns me more. I am wondering on how long would it take for it to heal, or will it become a void of emptiness that would breed hatred?

According to the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research, the top 5 causes of war are the following:

1) Ideological change – People think that their beliefs are far more superior and befitting than that of the others.

2) Self-determination – People think that they have more rights to uphold their political, economic, social and cultural development at the expense of others.

3) National Control – It depends on the reason for this one but I will assume that it is because that more control means more power.

4) Resources – More resources means more money and leverage.

5) Territory – More territory means more resources.

If we would look closely on the similarities on the things written above; The word “more” is the common denominator. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that all wars and conflicts started because they wanted more. Sadly, up until today people still want more even though our history is telling us that more only causes anger and hatred.

I have yet to see a war that started because they wanted less for themselves and more for others. I hope that in the future the norm would be “having less so that we could give more.”

Image : www.cnn.com

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