Unexpected Test


6:00 am – I woke up feeling a bit anxious about what would happen to me in the future because of this journey. This is just one of my typical days except that I have radically cutoff my Internet usage and my watching of the television.

By the time that I am finished with my new morning routine that includes reading and a bit of meditation ( I’m still working on this habit of mine), I realized that our house helper has not yet come home from her dental check-up yesterday. This spells a lot of trouble for me, because our house helper is the one who almost does all of the household chores and she is the one who primarily baby sits my toddler. This equates for a lot of work since she haven’t left any message for me or my wife ( we do not know if she’ll be coming back).

After my wife left for work; I was the one who did baby sit my energetic son, who is not even willing to take a step back at dancing and running. All I can say is that it is very tiring running here and there, feeding him, bathing him and I cannot even make him sleep, I almost shouted these words when I realized how much time I was spending doing all these, “Wow! How can I do all of these I have so much time!”.

Just by surrendering the things that I do in the Internet and watching television I was able to do all these things, How much more if I can decrease the physical and emotional noise that I have? Do I even need a house helper? Well, I want to find out.

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