Toiling During Good Times


“Toil when bad days are far away like soldiers do at time of peace.” – Seneca

We as humans tend to forget everything wrong that could happen when we are on the high time of our life, but it is important that we still keep in mind that days aren’t always smiles and sunshines.

We have to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. This way we can maintain our positivity even if times get rough. One way to do this is to practice abstinence; I am not talking about the things that Christians do in Holy Week, but it is quite near it.

We could practice this at least once every two weeks. Give yourself a certain day wherein you live way way below your means. By practicing this you are giving yourself a run through of the things that could happen, so that when it happens you wouldn’t be bothered that much. Also, we could also use this to see if we could live with less. These could be an eye opener to many of us. For example, I didn’t know that I could live with just 100 pesos in my pocket, that is around 2 USD.

When we have more it doesn’t necessarily follow that we should exhaust all of our resources. Sometimes living more simply and getting down to our roots is a better alternative so that we would not lose touch of our ego, and remain grounded about everything.

Humility isn’t necessarily limited on your attitude to other people, but it can also reflect greatly on how you spend on things and how you take care of the things that you have. Have a good day everyone and keep safe.





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