Predetermination: Believe it or not.


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A good friend of mine asked me if I believe in predetermination. Apparently the question caught me off guard because I really do not have any idea regarding it.

Predetermination as defined by Merriam-Webster –

1: act of predetermining: the state of being predetermined: as

a: the ordaining of events beforehand

b: a fixing or settling in advance

2: a purpose formed beforehand

After seeing the definitions I answered that I do not believe in it, because I simply believe that we are the ones responsible on what is happening to us. Also, the notion of being predetermined is really boring for me. I feel like I am a helpless duck being hunted by a pride of lions.

Some may argue that it is real because all of us already have a pre-decided purpose and all of us have predetermined moments on when we would die. However, death is very general just like birth. The other question that I would like to ask those who believe predetermination is that why do they even bother to think twice before eating, drinking, crossing ( the streets ), diving, flying, driving and etc? If they are predetermined then they shouldn’t be scared of trivial things, but they do think twice because they have control. The control on ones life is the main reason why I do not believe it.

Predetermination removes “intentional living” in the equation, which is very important because our intentions are the very fuel of our lives. The things that we want to solve for the betterment of our world is something that cannot be determined, because they change.

I think that instead of believing in whether it is true or not and letting the so called predetermination take control of our lives. We should focus our attention on the things that set direction to our sails. We should do the things that sets our heart in motion that could also help others. Take control. Be free from anything that is holding you back. Do the things that makes you happy. You are the captain of your ship and set your sails to the things that would inspire people.

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