One Routine To Change Your Life


We are always bombarded in the internet with routines which says that could change our lives forever ( e.g. 10 Step Routine to Success, 5 Steps to Fuller Life and so on). We search these things because we want to have a radical change in what is happening to us. We may have different reasons but the main point is that we want to do something more, something bigger and something better.

I am not against these things ( I really do some of them), but sometimes because there are many procedures we cannot even proceed to day 2 of doing all of them again. I will be giving you a one step routine that will change you forever! That is right just one step so you can get started; and hopefully this routine will become a habit of yours and the next thing you know your life has really changed.

So where do we start? Have you ever felt tired organizing and fixing everything you have everyday? Have you ever looked at your things and probably told yourself, “What is the use of this thing? Or when did I buy this thing?”. If any of these happened to you then you’ve got a problem about excess. So what should we do about this? If you are thinking of getting rid of them that is right. However, there is a better way to get rid of things and that is by giving.

According to a study by the UCLA in the year 2012 this is what an average home contains:

438 Books and Magazines
212 CDs
139 Toys
90 DVDs or Videos
39 pairs of shoes

The researchers also found out that even the smallest homes had about 2,260 items inside of it.

Isn’t it disturbing that we have this much but we cannot give anything at all? We can start looking at our own closet and see for ourselves how much unused clothes we have; The worst thing is why can’t we give them away to the people who need them? We could create reasons as much as we want but the truth will still remain that it isn’t practical keeping them, which leads me to the perfect solution that will turn your life upside down.

“Giving” is the routine that will change your life. Yes, you read it right it is. Let me start by giving you some benefits of giving.

One of the studies made by the Journal of Psychophysiology proved that “Giving” lowers blood pressure and also helps in the recovery of coronary related events. They also linked it to greater self-esteem, less depression and lower stress levels.

In addition, an MRI study was conducted between people who gave to charity and others who doesn’t. The surprising thing is that the rewards center of the brain of the former lighted up compared to the others who didn’t. There was a massive increase in their bodies’ endorphin levels which resulted to a feeling of happiness.

Giving also gets you rid of material possesions that you do not need and that just consumes needed space in our homes.

If you want more evidence just try searching “benefits of giving” on your favorite search engine, or better yet go to your nearest library. You could even try to read religious scriptures and they all support it, giving knows no religion.

Start giving small and once you are ready to give more, then give big! You can start giving to the people who are close to you, but never expect something in return. You will notice that everything around you becomes lighter and better. You will also feel more grateful on the things that you have. So what are you waiting for start NOW.

Let us do ourselves a favor let us remove the excess in our house and donate it to people in need. We are not only helping ourselves in the process but others as well. Here are some of the charities and non-profit organizations here in the Philippines where you could start giving.

Philippine Red Cross
Pusod, Inc.
Precious Heritage Children’s Home
Haven of Hope Orphanage

“Kindness in words creates confidence, Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu

I hope that everything that you’ll give would return to you a thousand fold.



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