Meaning of Minimalism


Minimalism is not about giving up all of your material possessions to the point of deprivation. It is not about living a solitary life. It is not about not buying anything for a whole year. It is not about giving up on technology. It is not about detaching yourself from the use of social media.

Minimalism is simply about giving up the excess in your life to make space for the things that really matter. It is about minimizing the noise (physical or emotional) in your life so you could focus on the present. It is removing the clutters so that you can have more space and time for yourself. It is living with enough so you can give the excess to others. It is about giving up on labels and living up with principles. Minimalism is about finding happiness within.

There are many places, websites and books wherein you could find different meanings of minimalism. It will differ from person to person but one thing is for sure, the meaning will always revolve around the things that matters to us.

I invite you to be generous, to be present, to be healthy, to be purpose-driven, to be better, to be passionate, to be free, to be principle-oriented, to be creative, to be yourself and to be a minimalist.

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