Journey to Minimalism


I started my journey to minimalism just 3 days ago, like the majority of the people in the world I’m someone who is insatiable when it comes to material things. I buy things out of impulse not necessity, I became someone who identifies himself with the things he own. I am afraid that I would become an outcast once I cannot buy the things that I see in the television.

Three days ago I stumbled upon the notion of minimalism, “Becoming more with less.” if I can remember correctly as I saw on one of the blogs. I read and read until I realized how broken I am. I’m such a fool and I just wanted to smack myself for being one. After a while I remembered an excerpt from one of my favorite movies Fight Club, “The things you own, end up owning you.” and this is what is actually happening to me. I need this to stop so I can live my life fully.

Today, I just started this blog to embark on a journey to minimalism. So join me, show me, and be with me. Let us start the movement. Let us become minimalists.




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