Many of us want to improve certain aspects of our lives. It may be our work, education, financial capacity and network. However, when we already have developed and improved these areas enormously we still seek for something better, and then we start to ask why? The answer is quite simple it is because we want to improve these things so that we can acquire something more.

We want to have the best education so that we can find a good job. We want a good job so we can earn a good salary. When we earn that salary we tend to buy “things” that could make us happy, and then we just repeat the process so we can get something “better”.

It is sad sometimes that we try to improve  because we want to have more, rather than being able to be something more to yourself, family, friends, and others. Maybe this is also the reason why we millennials do not last long on our jobs because we are working for all the wrong reasons. It would be helpful if we stop, look and re-prioritize our life.

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