We have already gone past Thanksgiving while Christmas is approaching very fast. Most of us are already thinking about the gifts that we are going to give, while others are thinking about the gifts they are going to receive. However, only a few of us remember to give thanks about the things that we have already received; from the food that we eat up to each waking day.

We are in a world where most of us forget about the things which has meaning; things which really matter. Sometimes we would put more importance to money than the air that we breathe, more importance to bags than love that we receive. It is perfectly described by one of my favorite lines which is in the book “The Little Prince” which says: “The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes, but with the heart.”

Let us create the habit of being grateful of things seen and unseen because our happiness depends on how much gratitude we have in all the things that we have received in life, and sometimes the important things can only be felt by the heart.

Happy Holidays!

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