What is keeping you away from achieving your goals? Is it failure or fear of failure? Is it rejection or fear of rejection? Is it criticism or fear of criticism? Is it disappointments or fear of disappointments? Is it losing or fear of losing? Is it risks or fear of risks?

We will never know what lies ahead not until we take that first step. Bad things are bound to happen, and so does the good things. Good times may never last forever, but so does the bad times.

We always tend to over-analyze the situations that we’re into, and always think that the negative things are the only things that could happen. We often forget the positive and good things that could take place, and that is where our fault lies.

Everything that we want to do has a 50% chance of happening, and the more we engage and give time to it the more likely it would happen. Never leave everything to fate, we also have control and we must do our best to achieve our success; because fate and hard work go hand in hand.

Let’s face our fears and do the things that we want, because in the end if we fail we could always try again. Have a good day.


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