False Metrics of Success

When we talk of goals most of the time the first thing that comes in mind is the word “success”. If you would search for its meaning you would always see the words “accomplishment of purpose”.

However, today we live in the world wherein we forget what purpose really mean and we make the grave mistake of attributing the wrong things to success. Most of the time we attribute it to false metrics to success; things like money and power.

I know that it is quite cliche to say that it is not money and power that determines our success rather it is the accomplishment of our “purpose”. We must be fully aware that money and power are just going to be the price of the completion of your purpose. It may not be limited to those two things but still the real metric to success is how much you have contributed to the betterment of the lives of the people around you rather than “how much” and “how greater” you are than them, before I end this post I just want to share what my old university professor used to say “It takes far less energy pulling people up than pushing people down; and remember that the latter gets you nowhere.”

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