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I just want to share my speech in a school in Melbourne I wish that you would have fun reading it. Enjoy.

Good Day to Everyone,

Firstly, I would like to give my gratitude to the one above, to all the administrators and teachers of ACFE, to my family, to my friends and batchmates. I also want to congratulate everyone for a job well done.

Today, we are now a step closer to our dreams. Dreams that seemed impossible at first but now well within our reach.

This afternoon, I want to talk about the most common reason why dreams do not come true. It is the same reason in which why graveyards are full of unborn ideas and discoveries. I want to talk about fear.

We all had this experience where we would choose not to act on something that we really want to do, because it feels much more comfortable not to. I always ask myself everyday what it is that keeps me from doing it? What is keeping people like you and me away from achieving our goals? Is it failure or fear of failure? Is it rejection or fear of rejection? Is it criticism or fear of criticism? Is it disappointments or fear of disappointments? Is it losing or fear of losing? Is it risks or fear of risks? And the answer was quite obvious it was not rejection, criticism, disappointment, losing or risks; it was fear.

We always tend to over-analyze the situations that we’re into, and always think that the negative things are the only things that could happen. We often forget the positive and good things that could take place, and that is where our fault lies.

We will never know what lies ahead not until we take that first step. Bad things are bound to happen, but so will the good things. Good times may never last forever, but much more the bad times. The good and beautiful things always prevail.

Everything that we want to do there will always be half chance of it  happening, but the more we engage and give time to it the more likely it would happen. Never leave everything to fate, we also have control and we must do our best to achieve our success; because fate and hard work go hand in hand. Let’s face our fears and do the things that we want, because in the end even if we fail we could always try again.

I also want to take this time to say thank you to each and every one for making my stay here in Melbourne special.

Thank you for all of the small talks that each of us shared. Talks which started from questions like: How are you going? How is work? How is your life? How is the weather? How did you become friends? Where are you from? What is your name? and the most used ice breaker How are your grades going? These questions were questions that we have asked each other to strike and start a conversation. Conversations that turned into a connection and connections that became irreplaceable relationships in our lives.

When I think about this; it gives me a wave of nostalgia that makes me feel grateful of the things that we shared inside and outside of class. Even when things got a little crazy I won’t and will never regret asking these questions to each of you, because these simple questions became gifts which became very dear to me.

Having said this I want to urge all of you to do small talks more often. Most people might shut you down right from the start, but the few successful ones, mostly becomes a seed that turns into a beautiful flower. It may bloom and become more beautiful as time passes by; or it can bloom then just wither away, but whatever happens you will see its beauty one way or another. Like the relationships that we have made in our lives where some left and some stayed and to the few that became family.

In your journey in life never forget about the small talks and the small things because in the end; it is the small things that matter.

Thank you and have a good day.


Sorry for the long absence from writing, I just had another baby and had to take some time off from blogging and focus on my newly born son. In relation to this, I just want to express my gratitude to all who are still reading my writings.

I’ll start writing again and watch out for my new articles. I am also thinking about doing a photo journal including some story behind it. Send me a message on what you think about it.


With appreciation,



Many of us want to improve certain aspects of our lives. It may be our work, education, financial capacity and network. However, when we already have developed and improved these areas enormously we still seek for something better, and then we start to ask why? The answer is quite simple it is because we want to improve these things so that we can acquire something more.

We want to have the best education so that we can find a good job. We want a good job so we can earn a good salary. When we earn that salary we tend to buy “things” that could make us happy, and then we just repeat the process so we can get something “better”.

It is sad sometimes that we try to improve  because we want to have more, rather than being able to be something more to yourself, family, friends, and others. Maybe this is also the reason why we millennials do not last long on our jobs because we are working for all the wrong reasons. It would be helpful if we stop, look and re-prioritize our life.

Business of Fashion

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Many people buy clothes which they do not usually use and wear. If we really wanted evidence we could easily open our closets and find out that there are quite a few number of clothes that we have never actually used.

There are two common reasons on why we do not use it, it is either “not my taste” or it is “out of fashion”; which is really a shame because we bought it with our money that we worked hard for.

TV advertisements push us to buy these set of clothes so that we would look cool and “in”, they put promises that we will look good in it and it promises comfort and all. However, after a month or two we realize that there is something new being advertised and then we go again and buy that piece of wardrobe and the cycle goes on and on and on. Sounds ridiculous right? Yes, but we still do it.

The goal of fashion/clothing companies is to make people “out of fashion” not “in fashion” so that they would buy the same rubbish over and over again. The more that this cycle goes on the more profit they gain. However, knowing this why do we still buy too much of it? On the end of the day, we should realize that it is not good to chase for things that are materialistic. Our ongoing satiety for things that are cool could be used on better things. Don’t let advertisements determine who you are or what you should look like. Be something better.



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