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Many people buy clothes which they do not usually use and wear. If we really wanted evidence we could easily open our closets and find out that there are quite a few number of clothes that we have never actually used.

There are two common reasons on why we do not use it, it is either “not my taste” or it is “out of fashion”; which is really a shame because we bought it with our money that we worked hard for.

TV advertisements push us to buy these set of clothes so that we would look cool and “in”, they put promises that we will look good in it and it promises comfort and all. However, after a month or two we realize that there is something new being advertised and then we go again and buy that piece of wardrobe and the cycle goes on and on and on. Sounds ridiculous right? Yes, but we still do it.

The goal of fashion/clothing companies is to make people “out of fashion” not “in fashion” so that they would buy the same rubbish over and over again. The more that this cycle goes on the more profit they gain. However, knowing this why do we still buy too much of it? On the end of the day, we should realize that it is not good to chase for things that are materialistic. Our ongoing satiety for things that are cool could be used on better things. Don’t let advertisements determine who you are or what you should look like. Be something better.



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