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He is a nurse who is currently pursuing a minimalist lifestyle and wants to change the worlds perspective on living with "too much".


Many of us want to improve certain aspects of our lives. It may be our work, education, financial capacity and network. However, when we already have developed and improved these areas enormously we still seek for something better, and then we start to ask why? The answer is quite simple it is because we want to improve these things so that we can acquire something more.

We want to have the best education so that we can find a good job. We want a good job so we can earn a good salary. When we earn that salary we tend to buy “things” that could make us happy, and then we just repeat the process so we can get something “better”.

It is sad sometimes that we try to improve  because we want to have more, rather than being able to be something more to yourself, family, friends, and others. Maybe this is also the reason why we millennials do not last long on our jobs because we are working for all the wrong reasons. It would be helpful if we stop, look and re-prioritize our life.

Business of Fashion

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Many people buy clothes which they do not usually use and wear. If we really wanted evidence we could easily open our closets and find out that there are quite a few number of clothes that we have never actually used.

There are two common reasons on why we do not use it, it is either “not my taste” or it is “out of fashion”; which is really a shame because we bought it with our money that we worked hard for.

TV advertisements push us to buy these set of clothes so that we would look cool and “in”, they put promises that we will look good in it and it promises comfort and all. However, after a month or two we realize that there is something new being advertised and then we go again and buy that piece of wardrobe and the cycle goes on and on and on. Sounds ridiculous right? Yes, but we still do it.

The goal of fashion/clothing companies is to make people “out of fashion” not “in fashion” so that they would buy the same rubbish over and over again. The more that this cycle goes on the more profit they gain. However, knowing this why do we still buy too much of it? On the end of the day, we should realize that it is not good to chase for things that are materialistic. Our ongoing satiety for things that are cool could be used on better things. Don’t let advertisements determine who you are or what you should look like. Be something better.



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What is keeping you away from achieving your goals? Is it failure or fear of failure? Is it rejection or fear of rejection? Is it criticism or fear of criticism? Is it disappointments or fear of disappointments? Is it losing or fear of losing? Is it risks or fear of risks?

We will never know what lies ahead not until we take that first step. Bad things are bound to happen, and so does the good things. Good times may never last forever, but so does the bad times.

We always tend to over-analyze the situations that we’re into, and always think that the negative things are the only things that could happen. We often forget the positive and good things that could take place, and that is where our fault lies.

Everything that we want to do has a 50% chance of happening, and the more we engage and give time to it the more likely it would happen. Never leave everything to fate, we also have control and we must do our best to achieve our success; because fate and hard work go hand in hand.

Let’s face our fears and do the things that we want, because in the end if we fail we could always try again. Have a good day.


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Meaning of Minimalism

Minimalism is not about giving up all of your material possessions to the point of deprivation. It is not about living a solitary life. It is not about not buying anything for a whole year. It is not about giving up on technology. It is not about detaching yourself from the use of social media.

Minimalism is simply about giving up the excess in your life to make space for the things that really matter. It is about minimizing the noise (physical or emotional) in your life so you could focus on the present. It is removing the clutters so that you can have more space and time for yourself. It is living with enough so you can give the excess to others. It is about giving up on labels and living up with principles. Minimalism is about finding happiness within.

There are many places, websites and books wherein you could find different meanings of minimalism. It will differ from person to person but one thing is for sure, the meaning will always revolve around the things that matters to us.

I invite you to be generous, to be present, to be healthy, to be purpose-driven, to be better, to be passionate, to be free, to be principle-oriented, to be creative, to be yourself and to be a minimalist.

Half-Empty or Half-Full?

Seeing a glass-half-empty or half-full has a great impact in your life more than you can imagine. How you think of the glass has a great influence on how you react to an event in your life or to a person. Seeing the glass as half-full means you have an abundance mindset; on the other hand, seeing the glass half-empty may mean that you have a scarcity type of mindset.

Abundance in simple words means having a large quantity of something. People who have this type of mindset sees others as allies, friends, confederate, partner or supporter; which lets them empower others and at the same time amplify their ability because of their help, which leads them to success. Their mentality is that “there is enough for everyone”.

On contrast, scarcity means having a short of supply of something. It is the complete opposite of the abundance mindset type of people. These people see others as competition, foes, rivals or an opposition; which makes them untrusting, unconfident and unhappy. These people tend to distance themselves from other people which make it harder for them to reach success. Their mentality is “there is a limited supply of everything”.

An abundance mindset creates a positive ripple to your personality which in turn would reflect to others. Let us become people of positivity and shine the light, working together will take you farther than walking alone. I’ll just share one of my favorite African Proverb – “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”



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False Metrics of Success

When we talk of goals most of the time the first thing that comes in mind is the word “success”. If you would search for its meaning you would always see the words “accomplishment of purpose”.

However, today we live in the world wherein we forget what purpose really mean and we make the grave mistake of attributing the wrong things to success. Most of the time we attribute it to false metrics to success; things like money and power.

I know that it is quite cliche to say that it is not money and power that determines our success rather it is the accomplishment of our “purpose”. We must be fully aware that money and power are just going to be the price of the completion of your purpose. It may not be limited to those two things but still the real metric to success is how much you have contributed to the betterment of the lives of the people around you rather than “how much” and “how greater” you are than them, before I end this post I just want to share what my old university professor used to say “It takes far less energy pulling people up than pushing people down; and remember that the latter gets you nowhere.”

Have a good one.


We have already gone past Thanksgiving while Christmas is approaching very fast. Most of us are already thinking about the gifts that we are going to give, while others are thinking about the gifts they are going to receive. However, only a few of us remember to give thanks about the things that we have already received; from the food that we eat up to each waking day.

We are in a world where most of us forget about the things which has meaning; things which really matter. Sometimes we would put more importance to money than the air that we breathe, more importance to bags than love that we receive. It is perfectly described by one of my favorite lines which is in the book “The Little Prince” which says: “The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes, but with the heart.”

Let us create the habit of being grateful of things seen and unseen because our happiness depends on how much gratitude we have in all the things that we have received in life, and sometimes the important things can only be felt by the heart.

Happy Holidays!

Politics and People

The world is a very beautiful place. The people, mountains, islands, beaches, foods, churches; almost everything is perfect except politics. Right now the world is the shit hole of politics and it will be for the longest time until we realize that the only answer for the problem regarding this is unity. Unity doesn’t mean that we should support another persons candidate, party or view. Unity means being able to work together with other people towards a better future without being radical to a fault; and also despite the differences in views we could still interact with each other to produce win win instances.

We as people should know better that we can disagree without being disagreeable, and worst being violent.

Before The Flood

Global warming is approaching very fast and I feel obliged to raise awareness regarding this issue, Please watch the movie and please be informed of about what is happening in our world.

We are in a do or die situation, wherein we can reverse what is happening to our world today or do nothing and head straight to whatever hell global warming will lead us.

National Geographic and the United Nations has produced this great movie about the effects of fossil fuels, bad political agendas’ and lack of environmental awareness can do to us.

This might be a good inspiration to start minimalizing and start acting.



I woke up and heard the news that a college student jumped off the 20th floor of a university building. I was saddened  by the news, for such a young soul to go so soon. However, when I opened my social media account I was disappointed to see and learn that some people are throwing nasty remarks about what happened to the person (whatever happened to humanity) . Then I suddenly realized that maybe one of the reason she got to her limit was that no one dared to listen to her when she wanted to disperse her emotions that was piling up inside. Everybody wants their opinion to be heard, but no one dares to listen to others. She might be thinking why bother? That could have made the difference, the indifference that was shown.

Our world could be a lot more better if we spent more time listening than talking. Just listen and you’ll know. Just listen and you might save a life.