Advertising – The Modern Philosopher’s Stone


Was there a time when you needed a single thing and when you went to a store you bought something that is totally unrelated to the item that you needed? You did right? I thought so. Ladies and gentlemen that is advertisement at work, specifically an advertisement to bring false hope and happiness. On the other hand, there are some advertisements that are made to raise awareness of current issues and those are positive advertisements but sadly there aren’t a lot of it these days. In this article I am going to talk about the former.

In this modern day of consumerism there is a large need for product movement ( Movement of goods from producers to distributors to consumers), and for this to be successful they need something to make the consumers buy so that there could be a never ending cycle of consumption. Well, I do not oppose consumption, but for me forceful interpolation of information just to make people need something (in excess) is quite disgusting. This is what false advertisements do; They lure you into a mirage wherein they turn wants into needs driving people into an endless cycle of consumerism that ends into debt.

Corporations spend billions for advertising and it ranges from commercials to posters and everything that is in between. These spending are calculated and they know that the return on this investment is massive that is why they release such large amounts of money. They invest on studies on how to make you buy their products. Here are some strategies that make my stomach churn: Free taste to stimulate your mind to think that it is already meal time so you end up buying; Massive sale to make you think that you are saving money but it is the opposite of what is happening; Posters that says their product will make you alluring and sexy like their models.

It is sad to see that almost every place I go there are traces of these so called advertising schemes that is meant to poison our minds. These things turn simple pens to something magical “ A pen that can write anywhere.”, shoes that can make you better “Run farther, run stronger.”; and the list just goes on and on. These false promises makes us happy just for a moment, and after that we will lose the momentary feeling and buy again to fill the void that is missing.

Embarking on this journey on minimalism; it is just now that I’m realizing that so much nonsense is around us. Material possessions are gods, and we are the ones who worship them. We put so much importance on what we have rather on what we do. We are so much more, we are better than this. I urge you to see beyond the false promises of advertisements. Live without thinking about the labels. The reason why we are buying material possessions is that we hope to fill that missing part of us. What if possessions are not the answer? What if the things that we are looking for are not material things, but the things that we could do? Our potential. Our passion. Our calling.

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